The O’Brien’s began in agriculture when Marty O’Brien returned from his duty in World War II. Marty returned to New Jersey with his best friend and fellow WWII Veteran, Bob Rath. When Marty and Bob entered the war, they made a pact with one another to work together in the produce division of the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P) in New Jersey if they both made it back. Thankfully, both Marty and Bob made it back and started working together at A&P.

After several years of watching his father in the produce business, Marty’s second oldest son Tom, began working in the produce industry as well. Tom started his produce career at A&P as a produce clerk, eventually working his way up to the produce warehouse. Ultimately, Tom became a produce broker in New Jersey and began his lifelong career in agriculture.

O’Brien Family Farms

Soon after Tom became a produce broker, his father Marty was recruited to work for Tropicana in Bradenton, FL. Tom then decided to move down to Florida in the 1970’s for the warm weather and to put his endless work ethic to work. In the late 70’s, Tom coupled his resources and contacts in the produce industry with his work ethic and started C & D Fruit and Vegetable Company.

Throughout the years, C & D Fruit and Vegetable Company has grown into one of the finest produce companies in the Southeast. C & D Fruit and Vegetable Company is family-owned and operated with Tom, his brothers David & Steve, brother-in-law John Cucci, and others that seem like family. C & D Fruit and Vegetable Company grows, sells, consolidates, ships and packs fresh fruits and vegetables. C & D Fruit and Vegetable Company handles all southern vegetables with over 25 growing locations to pack and ship the freshest fruits and vegetables to customers throughout the United States and Canada.

O’Brien  Family

In 2011, Tom O’Brien put his hard work and experience to the test again. In December of 2011, Tom opened up O’Brien Family Farms. O’Brien Family Farms is a retail farm market and educational center that features hydroponically grown fresh fruits and vegetables.

O’Brien Family Farms is located in Bradenton, FL just six miles East of I-75.

O’Brien Family Farms dedicates a ½ acre for hydroponically grown fruits and vegetables that are available for u-pick. O’Brien Family Farms also has 5 acres of row crops grown next to the farm market that are picked fresh daily for the market.

O’Brien Family Farms goal is to delight and educate your family on the health benefits of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

U-Pick It

O’Brien Family Farms u-pick operation is open to the public every day that the farm stand is open. Our u-pick operation consists of over 56,000 plants!

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